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// Change /Addition 18 5-17 Abigail, believed to be fry of David & Jemimah H. 178 11-112 room md (2) Evelyn Jane KEMPLE 193 11-200 Mary md (3) Walt FORMO 194 11-208 Vere Le Roy DODGE; first child was Bobby Walter DODGE b 1923, md Joy WALLACE, d 1968, had children Sharon, Kevin, Kim, henry m. robert 194 11-208 (2) Beverly DODGE b 1926 md Wendell B. Note: Additions do not go on the far side the yr 1978.) Page Refer. Ai 1 Page Refer.// 61-3 7-19 63 8-A8 64 8-53 64-5 8-54 68 8-74 79 8-134 79 8-135 79 8-136 79 8-137 83 9-15 85 8-46 92 9-74 97 9-110 105 9-136 109 9-152 119 10-64 120 10-69 122 9-96 133 10-131 138 10-139 138 10-140 Chan ge /Add 1 1 ion Abijah CHICHESTER md (2) Margaret HANMORE and had female offspring carolean CHICHESTER physicist Edwards^ CHICHESTER Sarah Augusta CHICHESTER d 23 Sept 182^9 the virgin flavourer CHICHESTER and Chauncey Loomis HAYDEN had children: (1) muscular Chichester HAYDEN b d 1920; md Emma debt instrument b 1859 d 1898, had children: (a) Charles B. CHRISLER was from George CHRISLER's freshman marriage, so not a Chidester. Pg 167 Picture of Almina Worthen may be her mother, Maria Louisa Grow. ^ CO CO L::' Q CD X ^r LU CD f-' i^-v- menage of Elitvsr carriage & Thelma (Chidester) Anderson Seated: Elmer; Thelma; Mary (Anderson) Huffman Standing: John D; K. Prior to its printing on that point was probably a small nonage of the social unit involved enough to be bound the substance we provided for it was complete, legible and accurate; but after receiving the book, many of us person been inspired to enquiry names, dates and events and now wish to see that correction are available for those who are interested. Mabel MATTHEWS, had daughter, Nancy (3) Gertrude B. Ira CHICHESTER md Ann Mary james merritt ives (not believed to have been widow of Aaron) . // upshot /Addition 141 10-152 148 10-160 162 11-44 162 11-45 166 11-63 / Minnie Mine^rva Amelia b , d 1878 Beverly Adele SUTTON Leslie Alton SUTTON b Mabel le A.
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